The Course View is where the Entrepreneurs work the steps for each module. Here is a guide to the common navigation features for the Course View.


Navigation Elements

Account Logout

Logout of your account by selecting the dropdown next to your account name.


Support & Help

You can access the Support content via the Support link at the top of the page.

This will open the Support content as a new window, where you can search or browse for answers.

You can as access Support and Support Content within the same window by selecting the Help icon.


This will bring up the HELP inline, where you can send your support questions to the support team.


A search box is provided in which you can type keywords relating to your issue, which will return a list of Support Topics that may have a solution.

Module Navigation

In the Course View, a horizontal navigation is available to navigate through each module. Each module contains the individual steps required to complete the module.

Steps Navigation

To navigate the individual steps within a Module, the list of steps is shown on the left side of the Course View. You can select a step from the list to navigate to it.

Ask Your Course Instructors a Question

The Course View includes the ability for you to send a question to your instructors.

Simply type your message and select the Send New Message button.

Once the message has been sent, the response from your instructor will be received in your email account used to login to the platform.

You can add onto your original message or type a new message to your instructor.

Give Us Your Feedback

Another common element of the Course View is Give Us Your Feedback. This is an opportunity to provide a Rating for how helpful the step was for your journey and a text box to share what you learned and the context of your rating with your Trainers, Mentors and the developers of the platform.

Course Selector

A course selector is available for users who have been added to more than one course.

If you are in more than one course, selecting the course name in the top navigation will result in a drop down where you can select the course in which you want to view and work.

If you are not in more than one course, the dropdown will not appear.

Video Controls

For Steps which include Video, videos are played via an inline video player.

To start playing the video, select the video screen (click the opening Play)

There are several controls available to you while watching a video.

Adjust your place in the Video (Rewind, Fast Forward): Use the slider bar to move forward and backward in the video. Select a place on the bar to jump to.
Or drag the dot.


Play/Pause Video:
Toggle the Pause and Play icons to control video


Adjust or Mute Sound Volume

Toggle the sound icon to mute and unmute the sound.


Hover on the sound icon to control sound via the slider bar



Full Screen

Watch the Video in Full Screen.

use the ESC key to Exit full screen (or select the icon to toggle views)


Enable Closed Captions (CC)

Use CC icon to access the closed captions settings.